Nkwanta. . . .Ghana’s Honey Capital

Beautiful Otis River District

Passion in all we do.

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Top left: 1. Wax processing. 2. Foundation Sheets (strips). 3. 2019 Trainees. 4. Honey comb. 5. Observation hive being loaded with bees and comb. 6. Embossing beeswax sheets. 7. EMWA Project manager teaching bees wax foundation embossing. 8. Inspecting brood comb 2019. 9. Upper East training program on cashew farm.

Top left: 1. Field training program.  2. Field training hives. 3. Off the Upper East with hives. 4. Educating the youth. 5. Maintenance training program. 6. Hives for World Vision Program 7. Freshly painted Langstroth hives 8. Kenya Top Bar hive. 9. Field training program. 10. Preparing hives for Cashew in Upper East. 11. Putting hives on local chief’s Oil palm plantation. 12. President of NBA with EMWA project manager and swarm catcher hive.